Our Mission
Unexpected Moments of Magic Panama is dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide through the encouragement of self-exploration through social entrepreneurship, volunteerism, philanthropy and education as powerful forces for worldwide change. Be the change!


The GEM Project is a multifaceted international jewelry-making empowerment program that inspires positive thinking, global giving & creative power for positive individual & social change. THINK POSITIVLEY CHOOSE HAPPINESS LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS GIVE BACK TO OTHERS


We envision a unified world where women are aware of the power they hold to create the life they desire.


“When you change the way you see the world, your world changes around you.” Happiness is a choice. Selflessness invokes happiness. Give back to others.

What is The GEM Project?

The GEM Project joins a group of women together coping with similar life challenges to create an energetic & positive empowerment system. gem: noun/a person or thing considered to be outstandingly good or special in some respect. We are all gems! Lets join together to make this world shine a little brighter!


The GEM Project is a professionally operated solution-focused empowerment program that incorporates the power of creativity & social enterprise.

Empowerment Group

The GEM Project is facilitated by trained Motivational Interviewers that lead discussions & provide other managerial/organizational services. The group is facilitated by a Motivational Interviewer for a total of twelve-weeks, and then the group transforms into a mutual support group that is fully organized and managed by its members & volunteers. The group is free of charge and The GEM Project provides all the necessary tools & supplies. The groups join together one time per week for a minimum of three hours; the first half is dedicated to discussing the topic of the day and the second half is for the vocational jewelry training. The size of the group is limited to 12 participants to fully allow conversational interaction. The groups also have the opportunity to interact with other GEM groups through journaling, newsletters & blogs. The GEM Project participants learn from one another and grow together by sharing their own personal life experiences and listening to and accepting others’ experiences. Unlike traditional support groups, The GEM Project is a solution-focused empowerment group; instead of focusing energy on the challenge, we focus energy only on solutions and positive ways of overcoming challenges in life.

Vocational Jewelry Training

The GEM Project not only gives the participants invaluable skills to use in daily life, but we also incorporate the power of creativity through vocational training. Each group learns a variety of cross-cultural, international jewelry-making skills and techniques. The jewelry training also teaches the participants that THEY are the creators of their lives and that THEY can create something very beautiful with the talents, knowledge and skills they have been given.

Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are socially mission driven organizations that trade in goods or services for a social purpose. Social Enterprises adopt the best practices from across industries from the nonprofit, private & public sectors. Social Enterprise is about sharing ideas to create a better world. We are in an exciting time for social enterprise - each week brings news of multi-billion dollar philanthropic initiatives to solve global problems and new corporate strategies fostering sustainability and social responsibility. Social enterprise offers not only economic resources, but also the strategic and management expertise to ensure that change is long-lasting and large-scale. The social enterprise wave that is taking place around the globe is helping millions; The GEM Project has joined this wave. The GEM Project collaborates with other businesses and organizations to market and sell the jewelry created by the GEM teams. The profit earned from The GEM Project jewelry sales is then used to support the project to ensure expansion and sustainability.


Make a $50 donation today and we will send you a free official GEM Project Bracelet! 

The GEM Project is a social enterprise exists only because of people like you! Every penny that is donated to this organization's website goes directly to the people. 


Financial Contributions

If you feel compelled to assist The GEM Project in fulfilling its mission through the generous giving of your finances, we want to hear from you!  Please contact us today and we will ensure that your donation goes towards the program and project of your choice. 


Jewelry Design Donations

Our Wish List


1. Beads - all shapes, colors, sizes


2. Wire - flexi-wire, various stringing wire sizes and colors


3. Chains & Clasps - silver, gold, faded copper, any and all 


4. Tools - crimpers, cutters, flat nose, tweezers


5. Instructional Books 


6. Jewelry Samples 


7. Jewelry that you no longer wear that we can redesign


We are grateful for anything that would give our women more opportunities to be creative. Suggestions are welcomed! 


Donations can be sent to: 


The GEM Project

2834 S. Extension Rd. #1050 

Mesa, AZ 85210 


Gratitude Rocks!

The beautiful thing about life is that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for and the more gratitude we give to these beautiful things in life, the more they will come to us. The GEM Project team desires to magnify gratitude around the globe, so here gratitude is our campaign... 
The Gratitude Campaign 
The Gratitude Campaign is about increasing global consciousness of the many blessings that each and everyone of us have in our lives. It is about creating a world that focuses on the magnitude of beauty that surrounds us. It is a strengths-based approach to increasing equality around the globe. It is about the power of human connection and the power of sharing. It is about the glory of giving back. The Gratitude Campaign is in the business of changing lives for those that participate and for those that recieve the blessings of the offerings from the campaign. It is designed for global participation. We are starting a GRATITUDE Revolution and we want you on our team!  
What are Gratitude ROCKS?
Gratitude ROCKS are a symbolic representation of the gratitude inside each and every one of us. Just like us, they are soft to touch and hard to break. Their half circle design symbolizes unity in the sense that we must join together to be whole. Gratitude rocks are covered with a shiny opal layer, so when you look into the Gratitude ROCK you are able to see your reflection. This represents acceptance and self-love. It it to reflect back to you the beauty inside yourself and the beauty inside each one of us. The Gratitude ROCKS come in different sizes and colors, but they are all make of the same materials, just as we are as humankind.  
What do you do with your Gratitude ROCKS? 
Gratitude ROCKS are designed to be important daily reminders to be grateful, to focus on the beauty in life, to love and share yourself with others & the Oneness that unites each and everyone of us. When you purchase a Gratitude ROCK, we gift to you a second ROCK to show our gratitude for your generousity and to share with you in the increase of joy that will come to your life. We share in our gratitude and joy that you took the step to join the Gratitude Revolution. In return, we hope that you give your Gift ROCK to someone who is very special to your heart and for whom you feel a great deal of gratitude for.
By purchasing a Gratitude Rock, I promise:
1. To keep it near me as a daily reminder to express my gratitude for my blessings and share my gratitude for others
2. To give my Gift ROCK to the person I am most grateful for in my life today
3. To become more aware of the beauty surrounding me everyday
4. And lastly, to be a leader in getting others to join the Gratitude Revolution. 
Lets join together to live a life filled with gratitude, a world of gratitude. 

*Each & every Gratitude ROCK comes with a guarantee to increase gratitude and joy in your life if used as directed.

Hola Beaders!

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting The GEMProject! Every class you take enables other women in the community to participate in The GEM Project free of charge.

The GEM Project is a multifaceted international jewelry-making program that inspires positive thinking, global giving & creative power for positive individual & social change. Join TheGEM Team today to learn how to create a myriad of beautiful jewelry designs. The GEM staff provides you with all the tools & supplies you will need to create something unique & beautiful like yourself. 


Class Registration Procedures

Learn the basics or choose from an intricate project. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced beader, we have a class for you! The GEM Project also offers private & group classes!

  • Call 507-6630-3769 (Panama) or 602-284-5615 (USA) or visit us online at www.thegemproject.com
  • Pre-registration & payment is required to reserve your place in the class. On the day of the class if you have not registered and their is space available, walk-ins are welcome. 
    Class size is limited to 5 people, so sign up today!
  • If you have already paid to attend & are unable to due to an emergency, a credit will be awarded to you account for future classes or materials.


GEM Classes are all available by appointment.

Project: Gratitude Rock Rings 
Cost: $20 (includes supplies) 
Take wire wrapping to the next level by creating this beautiful wire sculpted ring. The gratitude rock ring is to remind you everyday to be grateful for the many blessings that you have in your life. 

Project: Firefly Necklaces
Cost: $30 + $10 for supplies 
This stunning necklace will surely catch the eyes of many. Using a mixture of crystals and crimps, this necklace will allow you to shine the way you should!

Project: Introduction to Peyote Stitch 
Cost: $30 (includes supplies)
Using seed beads & beading thread we will stitch together a beautiful Native American style keychain. Once you learn this technique your imagination with design will go wild! 

Project: Pearl Knotting
Cost: $20 + $10 for supplies
Create a beautiful pearl necklace using the same techniques they use at Tiffany’s! You will be able to choose from a variety of colors of freshwater pearls and different designs.


Project: Loom Bangle Bracelet 
Cost: $30 + $12 for supplies 
In this class you will learn how to create beautiful designs using graph paper, how to warp the loom and finishing techniques to complete an amazing colorful project.


Project: Charm Bracelet
Cost: $20 + $7 for supplies
Using basic wire wrapping skills we will create a charm bracelet to suit your personal style. The possibilities are endless!


Project: Introduction to Chainmaille
Cost: $30 + $10 for supplies 
Come and learn the techniques to creating a beautiful chain using jump rings. You will get familiar with the tools, learn the most effective way to open and close your links and leave with many ideas on different designs to try!


Project: Multi-Layer Necklaces
Cost: $40 + supplies (cost depends on stones you choose) 
This stunning design is the one everyone has been waiting for. You will put your design skills to work to create a multi-colored, multi-stranded necklace that when united together creates an incredible piece of art.


Project: Kuna Wrapped Bracelets 
Cost: $20 + $5 for supplies 
Ever wondered how those beautiful Kuna women wrap their beads? Now is your chance to learn! Join us on gaining knowledge on Kuna wrapping techniques.


Project: Introduction to Memory Wire
Cost: $20 (cost for supplies depends on the stones you choose) 
Whether yo desire to create a ring, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, necklace or anklet, memory wire can do it all. Choose your project and use your design skills to create a piece molded just for you! 

Project: Organic Designs 
Cost: $30 (includes supplies)
Join our Organic Jewelry Designer to learn various techniques and gain ideas on natural items that you can incorporate into your jewelry designs. Be good to the environment and good to yourself! 

Project: Earrings 
Cost: $20 (includes supplies)
Using head pins and a colorful mix of beads, silver and gold, we will create a stunning pair of earrings with the design of your choice.


Project: Unconditional Love Bracelets 
Cost: $20 + $10 for supplies 
In life we could all use a little reminder to share and show our conditional love. Together we will create a beautiful bracelet with crystals, natural stones and other bead combinations along with a love charm of your choice. This class will teach you basic stringing techniques using wire, crimp beads and toggle clasps. 

Project: Open Workshop 
Cost: $12 per hour + supplies 
Come and join us for an open workshop with The GEM Project Designers. Come with a project in mind or find one when you arrive. The GEM Designers will be there to answer any questions you may have and to show you techniques you would like to learn.